The Legend of Zelda: Wonderful Quilting

Mrs. WC’s mother, Zelda, now 90-years old, is a wholly remarkable woman. Among many other things, she was for some 45-50 years a serious, gifted quilter. And, at age 90, she recently gave a quilt show at the assisted living facility where she lives. WC was lucky enough to be able to attend.

Zelda and a Few of Her Quilts

Zelda and a Few of Her Quilts

Understand all these quilts and needlepoints are just a tiny fraction of the hundreds of quilts Zelda has made. Most were gifted to her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. A few to lucky friends. Many grace the family cabin.

All of Zelda’s quilts are hand-stitched, although the stitches are so beautifully uniform that you might think otherwise. Here’s a photo of a couple of panels on one of her pieces.


If we zoom in on the flower in one panel, you can see what WC means about her stitching.


There are sixteen different flowers in this one quilt, each constructed with same care and attention to detail. WC cannot begin to imagine the patience it must take to do this kind of hand-crafted work. And remember, Zelda made hundreds of quilts, all of them as lovely as the one shown here.

Zelda’s quilt show wowed the crowd, wowed WC (who sleeps under one Zelda’s quilts) and added another chapter to the Legend of Zelda.


2 thoughts on “The Legend of Zelda: Wonderful Quilting

  1. My mother quilted for years until her “artheritis” wouldn’t let her wield a needle any longer. One of her favorite putdowns: “She cain’t quilt a straight line”. A complete quilt snob, she!

  2. I have just begun to quilt and I am in awe of her work. You are so lucky to have her and her quilts!
    The stitching is amazing and it must take her hundreds of hours to make a quilt.
    I just finished my most important one, for my first grandchild, due in January!

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