A Few (New) Words About Winter Photography

WC has received correspondence from readers, lamenting WC’s relocation to Idaho. So WC will make these points again:

Hooded Mergansers, December 2015, Boise, Idaho

Hooded Mergansers, December 2015, Boise, Idaho

Note three things about this photo, taken Saturday, December 11, 2015:

  1. Water is a liquid.
  2. There’s enough light to take a photo.
  3. It’s a bird species rarely, if ever, seen in Interior Alaska.

Sunday, WC went cross-country skiing, 16 miles (and 5,000 vertical feet) outside of Boise. The weather was a little gnarly, and the trails much less well-groomed than the UAF or Whisenhant Trails. But the sacrifices of lower 48 living don’t include giving up winter sports.

WC hopes this answers any questions.