WC’s New Year’s Resolutions: Only Babies Like Change


A few, modest changes are coming to Wickersham’s Conscience.

WC will try to do a better job of regularly updating the Bird Photography page (accessed from the Bird Photography menu item on the home page). New photos are there now. Look for new photos every 3-4 weeks or so.

WC lives in the Mountain Time Zone now. It’s time to move the blog to Mountain Time, too. Very soon, posts will go up at 6:15 AM Mountain Time, 4:15 AM  Alaska Time. The fine folks at WordPress – who provide this site at no cost to WC – have been gently reminding WC about this.

Starting next week, Saturday posts will mirror the Bird of the Week posts WC has been doing the last couple of years for Jeanne Devon over at the Mudflats. WC knows a lot of you read both sites, so you’ll get some duplicate content. But WC needs to reduce the amount of time spent in front of a computer and increase the amount of time spent in the field. That will be a start.

WC has written very nearly daily posts for more than three years now. There’s certainly no shortage of topics. But, consistent with spending more time in the field and less at the keyboard, the daily posts may show some gaps. In part, it depends on how worked up WC gets about our elected officials. Or excited about some aspect of science. In part it depends on whether WC is chasing birds, or shuffling and wheezing along cross-country ski trails.

Thanks to all of you for more than seven years of reading Wickersham’s Conscience.


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