Need Another Reason to Detest Ted Cruz?

President Obama made a passionate plea for responsible gun ownership and announced an executive order imposing a requirement of background checks on more kinds of firearm sales. A couple of hours later Republican Presidential Wannabe Ted Cruz had this up at his campaign website:

Senator Cruz Sets New Low in Despicable Campaign Tactics

Senator Cruz Sets New Low in Despicable Campaign Tactics

WC’s pitiful Photoshop skills are better than these. WC could put Senator Cruz’s face on any of the selfies of the terrorist nut jobs blasting away at Americans. WC could caption it “Ted Cruz Wants Psychotic Criminals to Have Guns.” The product might even be more honest ā€“ well, less dishonest ā€“ than Senator Cruz’s sociopathy.

But WC hasn’t and won’t. As Jack Coghill would say, “Never get in a pissing contest with a skunk.”

And Senator Cruz has conclusively established he is a skunk, who will do anything, anything at all, no matter how unprincipled, not matter how big a lie, to get himself elected.

Children, babies, kids and adults are dying. Murdered. And this is Ted Cruz’s response.

Do you need another reason to detest Senator Cruz?