Equal Time for Nebbishes: Jeb Bush

 ‎(plural nebbishes) From Yiddish נעביש (nebish), from נעבעך ‎(nebekhpoor, unfortunate), from Czech nebohý. One who is fearful and timid, especially in making decisions and plans, in discussions, debates, arguments, and confrontations, and in taking responsibility.

Only in the last year or two has the United States economy recovered from the last Bush, former President George W. Bush. And now another one, the older brother of the 20th Century’s worst president, wants his turn in the Oval Office. Stop WC if you have heard this one: a former southern state governor, fluent in Spanish, backed by megabucks establishment Republicans. Another kid from child of privilege who pretends to be a commoner. And who pretends he has never heard of his younger brother, the Presidential disaster area.

Jeb Bush - Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Jeb Bush – Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Haven’t we seen this movie?

Yes, Jeb Bush has money problems. Yes, Jeb Bush polls in single digits. And, yes, Jeb Bush has foot in mouth disease. But stranger things have happened; after all, his room-temperature IQ brother served two terms as president.

It’s reached the point where even the New York Times has written articles on whether Jeb Bush can “save his candidacy.” And in what has to be a sure sign of desperation, Jeb is allegedly thinking of deploying his brother to campaign for him. How desperate do you have to be to have George W. Bush campaign on your behalf? At about 4.3% popularity, apparently. And then there was the news this past week thatJeb was canceling $3 million in TV ad buys in Iowa and South Carolina, the first primaries/caucuses. It looks a belated recognition of a financial and political reality that is long past due.

Jeb Bush’s problem is that he is a classic nebbish. Even when he tries to be “tough,” lashing out at Donald Trump or deploring Senator Marco Rubio’s voting attendance, Jeb comes across as a nebbish trying to act tough; i.e., still a nebbish. And amazingly uninformed.

All of which is why WC held off writing about former Governor Jeb: it seemed a waste of energy, that he’d soon be electing to “spend more time with his family,” or “hiking the Appalachian Trail,” or whatever the polite excuse of the hour may be.

Apparently, the oldest brother will await a disastrous outcome in Iowa or New Hampshire or both before bailing. To WC, at least, it appears Jeb Bush has adopted the desperation strategy so popular with failed Republican presidential wannabes: wait for Trump to implode and then, when the Party is truly desperate, be the least offensive candidate around. A nebbish role, if there ever was one.



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