WC Answers Your Questions: January 2016 Edition

WC gets email. And some of it is good enough to make it into the blog. As a result, every year or two, WC answers – for a given definition of “answer” – the questions raised by WC’s correspondents.

Why don’t you write about Sarah Palin?
Wickersham’s Conscience is mostly a Palin-free zone. The Quitter needs and craves public attention to support herself financially and to maintain her distorted image of herself. Since her half term as Alaska’s governor, that’s all she has done and, apparently, all she can do. WC refuses to enable her. Or her sad, sick, highly dysfunctional family. The Donald demonstrated his incompetence and poor grasp of reality by permitting Alaska’s Shame to come near his campaign. The Winnebago Smile1 on his face as he listened on camera to the the incomprehensible gibberish spew from Palin’s mouth will always be a cherished memory.

Why don’t you write about the Fukushima radiation?
Japan’s Fukushima reactor accident, a consequence of the March 2011 ML9.0 earthquake and subsequent tsunami, is leaking radiation into the Pacific Ocean. The discharge of radioactive isotopes Iodine-131 and Caesium-137, in particular, is ongoing. Both isotopes have long half-lives, are easily accumulated in living tissues and present cancer risk at relatively low levels. Bioaccumulation may increase concentration of the isotopes as you move up the food chain. But the Pacific Ocean is an incredibly vast place. Far more radioactive isotopes are generated by cosmic rays across the Pacific than are discharged into it at Fukushima. It’s a concern around Japan, particularly in the case of bottom-feeding fish, but it’s not a significant issue in North America.

Why don’t you write about the issues I care about?
The question kind of answers itself, don’t you think? For a more detailed explanation see Magpie Sensibility.

Why do you go out of your way to offend people?
Asked and answered.

Why do you criticize religion so harshly?
Asked and answered.

No, seriously, why don’t you write about Palin?
Most every day WC takes his blind border collie, Jackson, for a stroll through the North End here in Boise. About six blocks away, there’s a little mop dog, with parts of its fur tied up in red ribbons. Each time Jack and WC walk by, this little dust mop charges over to the fence and barks hysterically, eyeballs bugging out, bouncing around like a superball on speed, shrilly yapping out random noise.2 It’s that shrill, chipmunk-on-helium, fingernails on a chalkboard kind of barking. Jackson ignores it all, moves away as quickly as possible without being undignified, headed to the next corner to check the p-mail. Okay?

  1. WC owes “Winnebago Smile” to the great David James Duncan in The River Why. A Winnebago Smile is great big smile that gets parked on a face and stays there long past the time it should have left. Like your neighbor’s Winnebago parked on the street, in front of your house. 
  2. WC saw a comment comparing The Quitter’s recent oration to Vogon poetry. This, of course, is an insult and affront to Vogons everywhere and their literature. 

One thought on “WC Answers Your Questions: January 2016 Edition

  1. It’s good that you have maintained this free of her for these past several years. Since you made that change, it has been better, IMO. She is the best comment/critique of herself, and deserves no attention or mention. I’ve seen a couple treatments of her appearance last week. Each opted for minimizing interpretive comment and featuring her own babbling nonsense as sufficient criticism of herself. (SNL made the original discovery in ’08 when it crafted Tina Fey’s comedy skit) Amazingly, she was actually reading from prepared remarks. It was not extemporaneous stream of (un)consciousness. It is so difficult to conceive that such word salad could have been rendered onto paper without the miracle of grammar.
    Paul Eaglin

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