Dealing with Psychopaths: Guy Christopher Mannino

Guy Christopher Mannino

Guy Christopher Mannino

WC doesn’t often write about legal cases he is involved in. For one thing, lawyer stories are boring. For another, the various aspects of the attorney-client privilege makes a blog post difficult. But Guy Christopher Mannino, explosives expert, chiropractor, licensed firearms dealer, fraudster and, yes, psychopath, is such an appalling excuse for a human being that WC herewith makes an exception.

Among Mannino’s many anti-social acts was his failure to repay his student loans. The United States chased Mannino for the unpaid $220,000 or so. In a years-long effort to hide his assets from the Federal government, Mannino had placed his ownership of real property in the name of his ex-wife. The Feds found one of the parcels as he was selling it. In a silly effort to avoid the Feds collecting his equity, he filed a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case. The bankruptcy system doesn’t work like that; his creditors, including the Feds, moved him into a Chapter7 liquidation case. A trustee was appointed, who began looking for assets.

Those assets included a malpractice case against a fellow chiropractor. But the case turned out to be likely fraudulent and was settled for a small sum. The trustee obtained records from Mannino’s divorce case listing dozens of firearms; none of them were in his bankruptcy schedules. Mannino gained wider fame when he set off some 300 pounds of explosive on the property of a dentist who should have known better. He escaped criminal charges for that, but the event started a cascade of events that, with any kind of luck, will keep Mannino in prison the rest of his life.

The explosion led to a search warrant, which led to firearms charges. The Chapter 7 case led to a bankruptcy fraud charge. While in prison awaiting trial on those charges, he tried to hire a hit man to murder a Fairbanks attorney who had been defending the chiropractic malpractice case. The guy he tried to hire went to the cops. Mannino plead out to the firearms and bankruptcy. The would-be hit man was scheduled to testify at the sentencing, so Mannino tried to hire yet another hit man, this time with a long list of targets, including FBI agents. Friday he was convicted on three of five counts of conspiracy to murder federal agents.

There were other targets. Including the trustee in Mannino’s Chapter 7 case. WC’s client. And friend. For a while there was gossip Mannino wanted to whack WC, too. But that turned out to be another attorney. Or perhaps Mannino confused the other attorney with WC. Because Mannino isn’t very smart.

You’d think that after one of Mannino’s would-be hit men finked Mannino out, the crooked chiropractor might have tried something different. But like Mark Twain’s wooden cigar store Indian, intellect doesn’t enter into it. It wasn’t very smart to try the same stunt twice. It wasn’t very smart to file bankruptcy and stick you head in that particular lion’s jaws. It wasn’t very smart to set off 300 pounds of explosives in a suburban neighborhood. It isn’t very smart to possess firearms with altered serial numbers or unlicensed silencers when you are a firearms dealer, subject to inspection by ATF. It isn’t very smart to attack defense counsel. The epitaph on Mannino’s gravestone should be, “He wasn’t very smart.”

He screwed up the lives of a lot of people: ex-wives, a current spouse, a young child, his intended homicide targets. He’s a cold-blooded, manipulative son of a bitch. He’s a psychopath but, fortunately for many of us, a pretty stupid psychopath. With any luck at all, the sentencing on May 13 will result in his spending the rest of his life in prison.

We can hope.


2 thoughts on “Dealing with Psychopaths: Guy Christopher Mannino

  1. Thank you, the psychopaths come to Alaska to use sparse population and the need of professionals as a mask. Most people can’t identify them and don’t believe others who tell them the truth until it is too late. They get in positions of power because that is their main M.O. and begin manipulating people. Those in power are shown one mask while the ones they harm see the true psychopath but are not believed. I appreciate your showing people an example, it is important to the safety of others.

  2. Many (many) moons ago WC would walk into Empire Electronics, acknowledge a group of employees saying, “gentlemen!”, followed by a short pause, a nod toward me, and, “Dan”. This vignette still makes me laugh. Seriousness of this article aside, WC’s dry humor, comedic timing, and vaguely Groucho Marx-like mustache came to mind when I read this:

    “For a while there was gossip Mannino wanted to whack WC, too. But that turned out to be another attorney.”

    Captain Spaulding (Groucho) in Animal Crackers:
    “We took some pictures of the native girls but they weren’t developed. But we’re going back again in a couple of weeks.”

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