Tales from Wasilla: Lynn Gattis’s Foot-in-Mouth Disease

Rep. Lynn Gattis (R, Wasilla, of course) may have terminal foot-in-mouth disease. We can certainly hope so.

Her latest podiatric snack came when she announced on KTVA television,

Alaska is a tough state for older folks to live in: slipping, falling, icy so on and so forth. So if you’re not working, on a fixed income, sometimes there are other places that are less expensive to live.

Alaska has been able to afford the Pioneer Home program since before statehood, long before Prudhoe Bay. And now Rep. Gattis is saying we can’t afford it? She’s telling Alaska Native village elders to pack up and move to Paducah? She’s telling the Retirement Community of Fairbanks, who have worked very hard to create affordable housing in Interior Alaska, to throw in the towel?

Remember, this is the woman who criticized the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation for doing good. And the woman who ripped off the Mat Su Borough, selling the Borough an easement for land she didn’t own for a railroad that’s never been built. Maybe Rep. Gattis could help the state and Mat Su finances by reimbursing the Borough for the money she stole? That $65,225 would almost balance out the money she is paid as a state representative, since it’s pretty obvious the citizens of Wasilla aren’t getting much for their money.

In fact, let’s be more accurate and just call her Rep. Crook.

Sure, she’s tried to spin her way out of it, telling the Alaska Dispatch News,

“Back in the pre-oil days, it wasn’t uncommon that folks chose to leave the state to be in warmer climes, and a cheaper area. That being said, I’m not stating that people should. What I am stating is people have to make choices,” she said. “I’m not singling out elderly. I’m not singling out anybody. But we have a generation, or maybe even two, that have had a free ride in this state.”

Sorry, Rep. Crook. You did single out the elderly. It’s on camera, too. And as for the generation that’s had a free ride, it you had the sense God gave a box of rocks you’d realize that the elderly you want to ship off to the Lower 48 aren’t the folks who have had that free ride. They are the ones who were here before Prudhoe Bay. Before you were, too, Rep. Crook.

And don’t get WC started on the unspoken premise in this idiot idea: that Alaska can slash spending to balance the budget.

Bah. WC has very low expectations for the voters in the Mat Su, but seriously, this is the best you can do? This is the kind of blithering idiocy that embarrasses every thinking Alaskan.