The Donald’s Neglected Bible Studies: Hosea 8-7

The Donald’s dubious Biblical skills have triggered outright laughter at some of his efforts to ape Christianity. But whatever his level of Biblical knowledge, he clearly neglected the prophet Hosea, who wrote, “For they sow the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind.” Or perhaps he read it and failed to take it to heart. Knowledge is one thing; understanding another.

Because that’s what The Donald has done: he has sown the wind, and is now reaping the whirlwind. The Donald has fed and encouraged the anger of the frightened segment of the white middle class. He has goaded and encouraged them to resort to violence. He has praised them when they have assaulted protesters at his rallies. He has failed to chastise them when they have sucker-punched those who disagree with their anger and unreason. The Donald has praised their intolerance, their racism and their rage. He has told them – told them – that civility is unnecessary, that it is a weakness and that lies in the service of his goals are just fine. He has told them they don’t need to know, understand or admit facts. He has disdained, again and again, mankind’s powers of reason and rationality. The very thing that the Founding Fathers valued the most.

He has sown all these things and had his success at it. He has won primary elections and he thinks he has succeeded.

But he has failed to consider what he will reap.

And that was just the start of it. The Donald is ignorant of history. He did not know or did not remember that in any demonstration in the City of Chicago, any political muddle, violence lies just beneath the surface. It goes back a long ways; the 1968 Democratic Convention is just one recent example. So The Donald was forced to hide rather than attend his Illinois rally.

If you praise incivility, unreason and violence, more than just your followers hear that message. Those who oppose you do as well, and come to believe that the only way to counter your unreason is with incivility, violence and unreason of their own. And so the whole American political process suffers as a result.

Reaping the whirl win, indeed. The Donald is chipping away at the foundation of our republic in his blind ambition. This cannot end well.


One thought on “The Donald’s Neglected Bible Studies: Hosea 8-7

  1. WC

    It’s not just The Donald who is responsible. It’s the GOP that shares responsibility. He is only the latest who has stoked this element in the populace that was so responsive to GOP leaders who professed doubt or no knowledge whether Barack Obama was born in the USA–and the variations on that theme; who repeatedly played into the notion that Obama’s profession of his christianity was subject to doubt, unlike everyone else’s professions of religious adherence; who openly played into the various objections that became so tiresome, the Kenyan Muslim commie pinko feckless tyrannical czar meme that was the national program of the GOP during the first term and well into the second term. The Donald is only the latest, and he is playing that to a level that the GOP could never conceive of doing. The Donald took his own game to a new level, too. After all, he was relentless in insisting–along with Orly Taitz–that Pres. Obama had to produce his birth certificate; later on, he insisted that the president release his transcript of grades from Columbia Univ and from Harvard Law School because, according to The Donald, the president could not have done as well academically as has been reported. It’s The Donald and it’s the GOP leaders.

    Paul Eaglin

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