Bird of the Week — Golden Eagle

Raptors get all the publicity. Let’s look at some raptors, then. Specifically, the Golden Eagle, much less common than the Bald Eagle, is one of North America’s largest raptors.

Golden Eagle, Alaska Range

Golden Eagle, Alaska Range

At least in Alaska, Golden Eagles tend to return to the same nest year after year, nesting there from about age 4 to age 20 or older. Each year the breeding pair adds more sticks to the nest, and the cumulative effect can be very impressive, as you can see here. Alaska’s Golden Eagles migrate to South America for the winter.

One of the world’s experts on Golden Eagles lives in Fairbanks. WC is lucky enough to be pretty good friends with her. WC misses the Golden Eagle Lady and the Fish Guy. This post is for them. But because the Golden Eagle Lady is touchy about disturbances of her study species, WC will be vague about where the nest is.

Camera geek stuff: f6.7, 1/500, ISO500

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One thought on “Bird of the Week — Golden Eagle

  1. One of my favorite trips as a kid was up the Tanana River to a particular slough where a huge golden eagle nest was perched high up in an old tree. We’d cut the boat motor and drift past, hoping for a glimpse of mom and dad or any babies. Sometimes we’d be lucky, and it always felt like such a rare treat. I cried when lightning felled the tree and destroyed all the eagles’ hard work.

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