Your Weekly Donald: You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

"Best Memory in the World"

“Best Memory in the World”

It’s not clear to WC that The Donald has any more principles1 than whatever serves his personal interests at the moment. And that his depth of knowledge on crucial issues is as shaky as his principles. Some recent examples:

The Donald pledged he would support whoever was the Republican nominee for President. He has now “revoked” that pledge. Because he hasn’t been treated fairly. That’s presidential, don’t you think?  Now we know exactly what The Donald’s promises are worth: exactly as much as a used Kleenex™, but lacking the tissue’s useful function.

The Donald announced he would be open to allowing Japan and South Korea to build their own nuclear arsenals and that he might cut off purchases of oil from Saudi Arabia. That’s after barring entry to the United States for all Muslims. As foreign policy positions go, those are about as ignorant and counter-productive as you can get without enjoying an endorsement by the Ku Klux Klan. Oh, wait.

The Donald’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, was charged with battery for assaulting Michelle Fields, the former Breitbart News reporter who brought the charges. There’s decent video of the incident that seems pretty conclusive. Ms. Fields has bruises consistent with her claim and the video. Yet The Donald denies it happened, and blames the victim instead.

The Donald claimed that the U.S. gave Iran $1.5 billion “for nothing.” As one commentator noted, he got the country’s name right, but that was all. The U.S. didn’t pay Iran anything; it released Iran’s frozen assets. It was closer to $1 billion. And under the Iran deal, the U.S. obtained nuclear inspections that verified in January that Tehran was doing enough to curb its nuclear program, prompting the United States and other countries to lift the sanctions. WC famously has low expectations for politicians, but seriously, The Donald just makes foreign policy stuff up.

The Donald claimed that the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) was “essentially zero the last two quarters.” WC assumes The Donald mean growth in the GDP. The GDP itself was over $18 trillion in the last two quarters, which is a fair amount above zero. In fact, the growth in the GDP was 2% in Q3 2015 and 1% in Q4 2015, 7.5% for the year. Earth to The Donald: 7.5% ≠ 0. The Donald just makes economic data up, too.

The Donald completely flubbed a softball anti-abortion question from MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews. The Donald answered that, yes, he would punish women who obtained abortions, then recanted the next day and complete flip-flopped, saying on abortion providers should be punished. Combine that with his claim in 2000 that he was “absolutely pro-choice” and you have someone who has managed to alienate – or at least bewilder – folks on every side of the pro-life/right to choose debates.

Finallly, The Donald got pretty defensive about the attacks on his con, Trump University. He told Meet the Press that Trump U had an “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau. In fact, Trump U enjoyed a “D-” rating from the BBB, as the Internet Archives show. Because Trump U is out of business, BBB no longer publishes ratings for Trump’s fraudulent “university.” But the truth is out there. And the truth is The Donald will try to lie his way out when he’s caught in a lie. Not what WC looks for in a president. Not another Nixon.

What has happened to our country and the Grand Old Party that this liar, ignoramus, charlatan and bully is a credible presidential candidate?



  1. That’s “principle” with an “le”; not “principal” with an “al”. It’s clear that The Donald has lots of the the latter, although the actual amount is hotly disputed, and an appalling amount came out of his screwing investors through multiple bankruptcies.