F-35s to Fairbanks: Good News/Bad News


Good News: The Department of Defense has announced that it will locate two squadrons of F-35 jet fighters at Eielson AFB. Eielson is saved!
Bad News: It isn’t happening until 2020.

Good News: Hot, powerful new jets in Alaska.
Bad News: Yeah, but they are the hideously over-priced, deeply flawed F-35s.

Good News: 2,576 new folks at Eielson AFB.
Bad News: 2,576 new people at Eielson AFB.

Good News: Long effort by a lot of folks pays off.
Bad News: We have to listen to Senator Dan “the Carpetbagger” Sullivan (R, Koch Brothers) claim credit.

Good News: Lots of construction, starting maybe next year.
Bad News: May not be a lot of opportunities for local contractors.

Good News: A badly needed economic shot in the arm for Interior Alaska.
Bad News: Not nearly enough to offset the folly of the Alaska Legislature.

Good News: Major infusion of federal dollars into Alaska.
Bad News: Ewww! Gross! Federal dollars.

Good News: Department of Defense commits to survival of Eielson Air Force Base.
Bad News: Department of Defense has Alaska by the short ones.

Good News: Alaska hitches its future to the newest, hottest weapons system.
Bad News: It’s the F-35, which may not even be airworthy.

Good News: Department of Defense saves North Pole’s ass.
Bad News: Yeah, but it’s North Pole; why not save the University of Alaska instead?

There are no unmixed blessings in this world. But WC thinks this particular blessing is more mixed than most.