Your Weekly Donald: Something Stuck to His Shoe

The Donald Acting Out (David Becker/Getty Images)

The Donald Acting Out (David Becker/Getty Images)

The Donald has enjoyed a Teflon™ candidacy to this point; he’s been around a lot of muck, but until recently, none of it seems to have stuck to him. That may be changing. It may be that the misogyny, hate, lies and racism are starting to stick to The Donald’s shoes.

Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski allegedly called a former coworker a “fucking bitch”. Mind you, this is a different former co-worker than the one Lewandowski called  a “cunt.” And that’s the same Lewandowki who faces criminal assault charges for the physical assault on a reporter. The Donald still stands by his man, which means he really doesn’t wamnt any women voting for him, WC supposes.

The Trump campaign botched a chance to get delegates in Colorado because of logistical confusion.

An AP poll found that not only do 70 percent of Americans overall have an unfavorable view of Trump but that majorities of groups in nearly every subcategory of race, gender, political orientation, and geographic area, including Southerners and whites without college educations, view him unfavorably.

The Donald went down in flames in Wisconsin, losing quite badly to Senator Ted “Hold Your Nose” Cruz (R, Theocrats). It wasn’t a huge number of delegates, but the loss in a state that has recently been pretty anti-establishment in recent years seems to have been more of a reaction to The Donald’s incessant vulgarity in a state that is generally polite.
The honeymoon my be over for The Donald. Shockingly, there don’t seem to be enough racist, misogynist bullies to support even a Republican presidential candidate.