Yardbirds, Spring 2016 Edition

A Wood Duck hen brought her thirteen (!) ducklings through our yard this morning. The goal was to get to our creek – well the seasonal irrigation channel – that runs through our backyard. The Boise City Canal Company recently turned the canal back on. Mom and kids turned up in our front yard, trying to find a way around the house to the creek they could hear.


After some indecision, everyone made a sprint between our house and our neighbor’s, past the air conditioning compressor and into the back yard.


From there, they jumped, without any hesitation, down into the creek.


Except, in all that excitement, one duckling got left behind. Luckily, he fell into the best possible hands: Mrs. WC’s. She picked him up, carried him over to the creek, and dropped him in, where he immediately swam downstream after his brothers and sisters.


Now all thirteen of these little ducklings aren’t going to survive. If they did, we’d be up to our waists in Wood Ducks in no time. In fact, just a couple of minutes later, we saw the neighborhood Red-tailed Hawk fly by with something mercifully unidentifiable grasped in its beak. Hey, baby hawks have to eat, too.

But it was a treat to have this new family travel through our yard, however briefly.