Sometimes WC Does Get Overenthusiastic

Aaron, Johnson, every photographer's favorite web comic artist

Aaron Johnson, every photographer’s favorite web comic artist

Sometimes even the most careful nature photographer can get a little over-excited at the arrival of spring. So many new subjects, everything green and growing and the implied promise of a fresh start. WC has taken something like 1,500 photos already this month. And there’s still a a week of this month to go.

A few of WC’s readers have complained that there have been too many bird photos and not enough commentary lately. Someone claims to have counted: at least 18 bird photos in the last week alone. WC’s correspondents point to the various crises facing America, Alaska and Idaho, the folly of The Donald, disastrous earthquakes and the terrifying evidence of rapid climate change. Why, they ask, isn’t WC blogging about those important issues?

Because spring.


Sure, sometimes WC gets a little overenthusiastic about birds. Ask any of his friends or neighbors. There’s a serious MEGO factor.1 But spring, spring migration and early summer birding only happens once a year. Put another way, the Magpie Principle is just a little bit reduced this time of year.


  1. My Eyes Glaze Over. 

5 thoughts on “Sometimes WC Does Get Overenthusiastic

  1. Bird photos? How about plants? Spring is popping here in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and I can’t get enough of spring ephemerals into the print version of my weekly nature column (at I’ve gotten my publisher to embed slideshows I put together for the online version, but the writing has definitely fallen by the wayside. Now I’m looking into setting up a daily blog, mostly so I can post more photos.

    So far, no complaints from my readers. That usually comes when I start writing too much about spiders, snakes, or other creepy crawlies (my favs but not theirs).

    My hard drive gave me the not-unexpected warning that I was hitting the limit last night, so now I’m considering exchanging my hard drive for a bigger one or at least getting a backup drive for photos I don’t use as often for reference.


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