Senator MacKinnon Demonstrates the Problem

Senator Anna MacKinnon: A Gift for Belatedly Stating the Obvious

Senator Anna MacKinnon: A Gift for Belatedly Stating the Obvious

Senator Anna MacKinnon (R, Big Oil), the Co-Chair of the State Senate Finance Committee, has an opinion piece in the Alaska Dispatch News today. She concludes,

We must consider all options of revenue to fund these services. At the end of the day we must make decisions based on what is best for Alaska and our people, and making those decisions will require compromise from members of the Legislature, the governor and the public.

It’s time to put politics aside and do what is right for Alaskans.

As WC calculates it, the Alaska Legislature has run through a 90 day regular session, a 31 extension to the regular session, and we’re eight days into a special session. It has taken Senator MacKinnon 129 days to utter complete, nearly meaningless aphorisms?

WC thinks we have identified the problem.

What Senator MacKinnon doesn’t say is anything specific. What Senator MacKinnon doesn’t say is anything about reducing or eliminating the give-away oil tax credits to Big Oil. What Senator MacKinnon doesn’t say is that, if nothing is done about broadening state income, Alaska will burn through its cash reserves in two more years.

After 129 days of legislative session, WC thinks Alaskans are entitled to a little more than an incomplete, inane summary of the obvious. Governor Walker made a thoughtful, specific, detailed proposal more than a month before the session began.

Senator MacKinnon goes out of her way to boast about the Senate’s operating budget. But the budget, already hacked to the point of inducing a recession, has never been the problem. Revenue, not expense, has always been the issue. Alaska cannot budget cut its way to a balanced budget, let alone prosperity.

If the opinion piece is Senator MacKinnon’s best work, the citizens of her District, Eagle River, aren’t getting their money’s worth. If Senator MacKinnon is the best Eagle River has to offer, the real problem is even bigger than you think.