Battle of the Wilderness by Kurz and Allison

For a Progressive, Signs of Hope

When Alaska was admitted as a state to these United States, back in 1959, the entire Congressional delegation was Democratic: Senator E.L. “Bob” Bartlett, Senator Ernest Gruening1 and Representative Ralph J. Rivers. It’s true that Senators Bartlett and Gruening loathed each other – Senator Bartlett’s staff referred to the Judas Tree outside the Senate Office…

Gene Wilder (Photo credit Dave Pickoff/Associated Press)

R.I.P. Gene Wilder, 1933-2016

“What seems to be the trouble?” the therapist asks. “I want to give all my money away,” he says. “How much do you have?” “I owe three hundred dollars.” Gene Wilder, Kiss Me Like a Stranger: My Search for Love and Art (2005) WC first saw Gene Wilder as the kidnapped undertaker, Eugene Grizzard, in Bonnie and…

Road Trip

WC is presently in southeastern Idaho, for the inurnment of Mrs. WC’s mother. It’s a long drive. But before feeling too sorry for ourselves, consider bouncing across the Great Plains, the Rocky Mountains and the Great Basin in these rigs. WC will get back to regular posts when he returns from the current road trip.

The Donald Acting Out (David Becker/Getty Images)

Your Weekly Donald: Conspiracy Wonk

One of the more disturbing characteristics of the Trumpster’s political career has been his obsession with conspiracies. Consider these examples: President Obama’s nationality, and the whole “birtherism” thing. President Obama’s religion, that he is a Muslim. Climate change as a Chinese economic conspiracy. The dangers of asbestos are a conspiracy. There is no drought in…