Tales from Wasilla: Justice for Flash

WC wonders how it is that the death of a golden retriever seems to inspire more more notoriety and outrage than the death of three young men.

Flash was a 12-year old golden retriever. He was dognapped when the van he was riding in was stolen. Flash died a miserable death; he is believed to have been killed by heat exhaustion before the cops found the stolen van three days later on Hideaway Circle off Hyer Road, between Palmer and Wasilla. Gina Jones, age 36, of Palmer, and Jason McDonell, 35, of Wasilla, are charged with first-degree theft, two counts of second-degree theft, third-degree misconduct involving weapons and animal cruelty.

It was the animal cruelty charge that brought 20 people to Jones’ and McDonell’s bail hearing. Twenty people to a bail hearing.

In the space of three days, three young men have been murdered in Anchorage. Xeryus Tate, age 17. was found dead in the street in East Anchorage. Someone dropped Elijah Zeller, 18, off at a hospital, bleeding from a gunshot wound. He died a few hours later. Treyveonkindell Thompson, 21, shot dead in Muldoon. If the Anchorage cops can track down the murderers in any of those three cases, WC will bet you now that there won’t be 20 people at the bail hearings.

Why is it that cruelty to a dog causes more public outcry and concern than the deaths of three young men in three days?

What does this strange sense of proportion say about us?

Look, WC loves dogs. One or more dogs have lived with WC and been a part of his household since WC was 4 years old, excepting only time in undergraduate and law school. WC loves his elderly, blind Border Collie, Jackson. Jackson is an important part of WC’s life. But Jackson, wonderful as he is, isn’t the same as three humans, three kids shot down in three days.

WC will agree that leaving a dog in a closed van to die a miserable death is contemptible. But in WC’s world, it’s not even close to the murder of a human. WC might even agree that it is a slippery slope from killing a dog.

WC’s not mocking Wasilla here; this is a national phenomenon. What’s going on?