Your Weekly Donald: Conspiracy Wonk

One of the more disturbing characteristics of the Trumpster’s political career has been his obsession with conspiracies. Consider these examples:

This not an exhaustive list. You can find lists of as many as 58 conspiracy theories that the Trumpster has supported. WC has encountered conspiracy theorists on street corners, heard them on call-in radio shows and dealt with them at this blog. But none of those folks have been the Republican candidate for President.

Conspiracy theorists share an inability to objectively evaluate evidence, a limited ability at critical thinking and a disregard of logical inconsistencies. For example, The Donald apparently believes that  President Obama was admitted as a foreign student, proving he wasn’t born in America; that he had awful grades and only got through university because of affirmative action policies; that he was turned into a Marxist Manchurian candidate by the constant barrage of radical leftist teaching; or even that he never attended Columbia at all. Most folks would see a logical inconsistency in claiming he was brainwashed at Columbia University and never attended Columbia University. Conspiracy wonks like The Donald don’t see that.

It’s sort of like the White Queen, don’t you think, who sometimes believed six impossible things before breakfast? That’s fine for a Dodgson character in a children’s story, but it’s pretty frightening in a presidential candidate. A U.S. President who cannot distinguish truth from fiction, science from anti-science, logic from illogic is a terrifying idea. The Trumpster would be a science-denying President George W. Bush on steroids. A horrifying idea.