The Donald: When Did the Truth Become Optional?

Politicians famously occasionally drift away from the truth. They can’t help it. It’s in their DNA. But the Trumpster, especially in Sunday Night’s second presidential debate, didn’t just drift away from the truth; he was rarely even in the neighborhood.[^1]

He lied about a sex tape.

He lied about his lies about ‘birtherism.’

He lied about the growth rate of the American economy.

He lied about the state of the job market.

Stalking around the stage like some kind of orangish vulture, he appeared to be speaking only to his true believers. He seemingly made no effort to reach out to the voters he needed to persuade if he wants to get a majority of electoral votes. And, of course, he lied incessantly.

He lied about the trade deficit.

He lied about tax rates.

He lied about his own position on the Iraq War, again.

He lied about ISIS.

He lied about the Benghazi attack.

He also told the audience that the first thing he would do if elected president would be to jail Hillary Clinton, the kind of threats you’d expect from some tinpot dictator in a third world country. And lied, all the time.

He lied about the war in Syria.

He lied about Syrian refugees.

He lied about Russia’s hacking.

He lied about the San Bernardino terrorist attack.

He lied about Hillary Clinton’s tax plan.

The Donald has become or maybe always was some kind of delusional political P. T. Barnum, trying to fool all of the people all of the time. The torrent of lies was so great that the real-time fact-checkers couldn’t keep up. And then he lied some more.

He lied about her health care plan.

He lied about her immigration plan.

He lied about her email deletion.

He lied about Obamacaremore than once.

He lied about the rape of a 12-year-old girl.

He lied about his history of groping women without their consent.

WC has no idea if this was an intentional tactic, some kind of Barnum-esque strategy. Does the Trumpster believes all of this crap himself? Is this part of some hidden plan to win? Or it is just ravings of an emotionally immature, deluded clown, acting out in a fit of pique because he has irreparably maimed his campaign, knows it and is lashing out like a spoiled 5-year old.

WC has detested The Donald since his first bankruptcy and hasn’t been shy about expressing his opinions here. But Sunday’s performance set a new low in American politics. The Trumpster didn’t give a campaign performance; he made a spirited attempt to kick America’s democracy in the nuts. He has left the Republican Party in ruins. WC sincerely hopes The Donald doesn’t get the same results with our form of government.

[^1]: WC has taken the string of lies and links from David Leonardt’s opinion piece in the New York Times. Leonardt’s isn’t the most complete list but it touches on the most egregious of the whoppers the Donald offered Sunday night.