Your Weekly Donald: WC’s Recommended Reading List

Much better writers than WC are taking down the Trumpster. Here’s a reading list of some of the better recent pieces:

Rebecca Traister’s excellent “Trump’s One Public Service Was Exposing the Misogyny of the GOP” in NYMag is an insightful, well-reasoned and nicely argued essay demonstrating that The Donald is just at the far end of the distribution curve that is the Republican Party’s misogyny. Highly recommended. Sample:

And so Trump lodged no cogent critique; he simply tried to imply that if he was bad, Bill Clinton was worse, and embarrass and shame Hillary by saying the worst thing he can imagine saying about a woman — that she failed to hold her husband’s sexual attention.

Jane Mayer’s article in The New Yorker about Tony Schwartz, the co-author and ghostwriter ofTrump: The Art of the Deal is insightful and revelatory. One of WC’s buddies gave WC a copy of Art of the Deal, and, after reading it, WC told his buddy that Trump came off as a jerk. Well, according to Schwartz, he was and is.

Graydon Carter, Editor of Vanity Fair recounts his 30-year long history with The Donald in an amusing screed, “Donald Trump: the Ugly American.” Carter has apparently saved every tweet The Donald sent attacking him. Sample:

It can reasonably be argued that the presidency of George W. Bush was an eight-year warm-up act for the final stage of a dumbed-down America: a Trump presidency. You can draw a relatively straight line from the Florida recount of 2000, which took Bush into office, right through to the shambolic Trump campaign. The election of Bush led to the invasion of Iraq, which led to the de-stabilization in the Middle East (Libya, Egypt, Syria), which led to the migrant crisis, which led to European nationalism, Brexit, and, at the tail end of all these disasters, Trump.

You don’t have to be an essayist to make an effective rebuttal to Trump’s stream of hate, lies and distortion. When The Donald claimed Warren Buffet had taken hundreds of millions of dollars in tax deductions, Buffet published an open letter showing he paid taxes, and that his charitable donations made the Donald’s disreputable Trump Foundation look like parking meter change.

WC has a long list of other interesting Trumpster rebuttals, but too much of this stuff is bad for your blood pressure and peace of mind.

But you have found well-written takedowns of the Trumpster, pass along the links in comments and WC will add them to this post.


One thought on “Your Weekly Donald: WC’s Recommended Reading List

  1. WC
    Perhaps you wrote your blog piece before FLOTUS spoke in Manchester NH yesterday, for surely you would have adverted to it even though not a “writing” but a speech. But your solicitation would be incomplete if no one offered the most affecting and emotionally rending speech by First Lady Michelle. It seems to be resounding so well because she is so genuine and she addresses better than anyone the essential Evil of what Trump manifested in boasting of his criminal sexual predatory behavior. He was particularly threatening because of the imminence of his preparation to engage in it again with the woman he was about to meet. (the “tic tacs” remark)
    In her speech, the First Lady helpfully reminded people that Trump’s talk does not typify men’s locker rooms, and fortunately this week numerous professional athletes sounded the same note. For Trump, it was just more of the same, his attempted deflection of the subject and avoidance of personal responsibility with the everybody-does-it falsehood, taking down many good men with him if necessary. The First Lady destroyed that notion, among many other aspects of his sociopathic boasting.

    Paul Eaglin

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