Your Weekly Donald: Through a Glass, Darkly

The second most astonishing thing to emerge fro The Donald’s performance at the third and final debate was his inability to see the world except in relation to himself personally.1

The Donald’s narcissism — specifically, his inability to accept that he is going to lose to a woman in the biggest contest in the world — seems to WC to be at the heart of his refusal to say he would abide by the election results. What everyone could see in that bluster is that the Trumpster puts himself — his vanity, his self-obsession, his need to project masculine dominance and above all his need to win — above everything else. It’s more important to him than the best interests of United States or the U.S. Constitution.

Secretary Clinton called The Donald “Putin’s puppet.” Instead of a mature response, or the Republicans long-standing hostility to the Evil Empire, The Donald sputtered, “No puppet. No puppet. You’re the puppet.’’ The Trumpster explained the reason he has flipped his party’s uneasy relationship with Russia by subjugating his party’s ideology to his own ego: “He said nice things about me.’’

The Donald’s predatory sexual behavior has caused at least eight women to come forward and tell their stories of being assaulted by the Trumpster. His response: it’s not true because the women making the claims aren’t attractive enough for me to attack them. The Donald’s obsession with himself does double damage, because his defense is not that he doesn’t assault women but that he only assaults more beautiful women. His focus on himself prevents him from seeing that his “defense” is a second, and more serious, mistake.

The Trumpster sees the world through a foggy mirror of his own ego. After months of watching him campaign, it’s the obvious conclusion. It makes him rise to the bait with tiresome predictability. It makes him a sucker for any personal attack. It leads him to tweet out ridiculous, self-defeating messages in the wee hours of the night.

The Donald’s immense, fragile ego have made the presidential election not a reality show, but a surreality show. It’s not a pretty picture. Not a good reflection of American culture. And, if you are a Republican with the self-reflection and self-awareness of a lobotomized planarian, you should be deeply concerned about how such a shipwreck of a human being became your nominee.2

  1. At the risk of the obvious, the most astonishing thing was the Trumpster’s refusal to say he would accept the outcome of the election, whoever won, breaking with 227 years of history and one of America’s proudest traditions: the peaceful transition of rule. He seemed to treat the question as some kind of reality show cliff-hanger: “I will look at it at the time,” the Trumpster said. “I will keep you in suspense.” 
  2. WC apologizes in advance to all planaria who may have been offended by the comparison.