The Campaign Is – Mercifully – Over. Now What?

The Donald, muttering to himself to stay “on topic” like some kind of brain-damaged grade-schooler, briefly was able to focus. But that fell apart when FBI Director Comey acknowledged that nothing on Anthony “The Pervert” Weiner’s laptop computer had any relevance to the Great Clinton Email Flap. Fox News was disappointed, its pledge of a pending indictment left for the lie it was. But the Trumpster slipped his handlers, and lashed out in predictably stupid, ignorant ways. He claimed the investigation was rigged; he claimed it was impossible to have reviewed the emails so quickly; he claimed Clinton had put in the fix. He continued to lie.

You have to wonder what The Donald’s late-night twitter messages are going to be like. His handlers had disarmed him, taken away his cell phone, but that’s not likely to last much longer. The ox has slipped its traces.

It’s a fitting coda to the ugliest, worst United States presidential campaign in history. The Donald, the orange-skinned, weird-haired bastard spawn of Teabaggery, has dragged American political discourse into the sewer. Misogyny, racism, bullying, incredible dishonesty, illogic, insults instead of arguments. All magnified out of proportion by the Internet and the national media’s false equivalencies.

We can solve the immediate threat – and it is a threat, a grave danger to the country – by soundly defeating the Trumpster. If the outcome is so clear, so unambiguous, then no political party will nominate a bullying demagogue again. So vote, and vote against The Donald. An overwhelming defeat, a massive repudiation of his tactics, is the best short-term hope to repair our broken political discourse.

Which puts the burden on you. WC doesn’t ask much of his readers, but this time the blog comes with a demand:



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  1. Early voting line on Saturday afternoon was about 30 minutes long in downtown Fairbanks. I’m not sure if that’s reflective of more people being involved, or just the usual suspects, desperate to have this whole miserable affair finally OVER.

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