Yeah, But How to Solve It?

No Blinkers, No Blinders

No Blinkers, No Blinders

The unidentified blogger at Forsetti’s Justice does a nice job of describing one of the problems with white, rural America, the “fly-over America.”

A significant percentage of that population describes themselves as Christian Fundamentalists, folks who take every word of the Christian Bible – especially the King James translation – as literally true. If that’s your world view, you cannot accept science, because it contradicts the Bible. You cannot accept racial equality, because persons of color are deemed marked for their sins, or at least the sins of their ancestors. You cannot accept sexual equality because the Bible says women are just men’s helpmates and baby machines. You cannot accept climate change because only God can change the world. You cannot drive a new idea into those folks’ heads with a sledgehammer if it contradicts the Bible, because if they accept a contradiction the whole house of cards falls apart.

The Republicans have found a way to appeal to tho voters by transforming themselves into the anti-science, anti-racial equality, anti-gender equality party. Embrace of their world view is so important to these white Christianists that they’ll let the rest of the Republican platform steal their money and benefits.

So, yeah, we’ve identified a big part of the problem, but I’m not so sure we’re any closer to a solution.

A dear friend of WC’s is just this kind of Christian literalist. He told WC he voted from Donald Trump because Trump “shared his view of the world.” Donald Trump’s view of the world involves solid gold faucets in his bathrooms; WC’s friend donates his time and money to religious missions around the world. Trump doesn’t any more “share his views” than WC does.

WC cousin’s daughter is a naturally gifted, superb photographer. Her work in high school was absolutely first-rate: well conceived, imaginative and brilliantly executed. But she is proselytizing on street corners in Prague. She’s not converting anyone; citizens of the Czech Republic have a long and tortured history with religion, and she is utterly oblivious to all of it. Anything WC could or would say to try and get her to focus on her God-given photography talents would would be rejected out of hand.

Yes, Forsetti accurately describes the problem. But until we can find a way to change these folks’ minds, to make them take off those blinders they choose to wear, they will remain suckers for con artists like Donald Trump and the Republican Party he has created.



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  1. Interpretation of holy books is contextual to the time in which the interpretation is made. Christianists today make exceptions to literal interpretations such as use of head coverings or stoning adulterers. I know some Christianists who even believe they need to work to preserve the beautiful earth that their deity created. There must be room for dialog or (to use the current fashionable term) to pivot some of the interpretations. Let’s not forget that there are science believers who believe science will magically address climate change and who are happy to maintain their current resource consuming behaviour until that magic happens.

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