Bird of the Week – Hermit Thrush

There’s one more thrush that breeds in Alaska. The Hermit Thrush.

Hermit Thrush, Creamer's Refuge, Fairbanks

Hermit Thrush, Creamer’s Refuge, Fairbanks

The species is pretty common in spring and summer boreal forest under stories, usually in drier and brushier areas. Note the complete white eye ring, spotted breast and reddish tail and flanks.

Hermit Thrush, Airport Ponds, Fairbanks

Hermit Thrush, Airport Ponds, Fairbanks

Hermit Thrushes are best known for their song, an ethereal fluting, with a long note followed by two or three higher, fading trills. It’s haunting and lovely, and often goes on all night during courtship. It’s WC’s favorite bird song of the boreal forest.

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