The 8th Anniversary of Wickersham’s Conscience


It’s the 8th Anniversary of Wickersham’s Conscience. Some highlights:

  • 2,811 posts.
  • Something like 2.1 million words.
  • 844 megabytes of photos.
  • Yes, birds and birding are the most frequent topic, coming in at about a quarter of the posts.
  • The post to have the most views in a single day was WC’s screed on John Coghill. Fat lot of good it did.
  • The post to have the most total views overall involved Alaska’s ludicrous felon firearms laws. Go figure.

Who knows where we go from here.

WC extends his personal thanks to his readers. It is immensely satisfying to have interested folks enough that the sites been visited 885,000 times, and average of 250-300 individuals per day. It’s amazing to WC that you find the blog posts that interesting. Seriously, thanks.

WC has no idea where the blog will go next, or for how long. If you haven’t figured it out by now, the Magpie Principle still applies. Certainly not effectiveness. The world would be a better place – a much better place – if WC were actually effective.

Eight years. Wow. WC had no idea when he wrote the first blog post that the odometer even went to eight years. And still has no idea how high the odometer will go.

(WC may be dating himself by choosing the Magic 8 Ball as the symbol of the 8th anniversary. Oh well. You’ll just have to try to keep up.)


4 thoughts on “The 8th Anniversary of Wickersham’s Conscience

  1. Congrats, WC.
    Question: why the continued pseudonymity now that you are retired? Is it to keep the crazies at bay?

    BTW, I’ve never seen more crows than here. At times they fill the sky in waves of hundreds. That’s more than a murder, more like a massacre of crows.

    paul eaglin

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