Bird of the Week – Western Wood-Pewee

There are three species in this genus of small flycatchers, but only one, the Western Wood-Pewee, is commonly found in Alaska.

Western Wood-Pewee,Creamer's Refuge, Fairbanks

Western Wood-Pewee,Creamer’s Refuge, Fairbanks

This is a small, drab bird, but the slight crest, indistinct or missing eye ring and whitish belly and throat make it fairly easy to identify in field. At least is you are outside the range of Eastern Wood-Pewees, and happily, in Alaska we are.

Western Wood-Pewee, Farmer's Loop Road, Fairbanks

Western Wood-Pewee, Farmer’s Loop Road, Fairbanks

Fairbanks is near the northerly limit of the species’ documented breeding range. They winter in Central and northern South America. Any bird that eats mosquitoes is a winner, in WC’s thinking. Which makes the Western Wood-Pewee a pretty cool bird.

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  1. And for one more useless fact, it’s one of the few* birds we have that have THREE! “w”s in its name.

    *But don’t tell the white-crowned sparrow that.

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