Trump’s Cabinet: The Pudzer Sucker Punch

Trumpeting Pudzer As Secretry of Labor

Trumpeting Pudzer As Secretry of Labor

The suckers voters who cast their ballot for President-elect Trump have already been sucker-punched by the guy who promised to save them and their jobs, to “make America great again.”

First there was the farcical dog and pony show at Carrier. With much Trumpeting and boasting, the President-elect announced he had obtained a commitment from Carrier, part of United Technologies, to keep 1,000 jobs in Indiana. On clearer examination, it’s 730 jobs, with no commitment to keep even those jobs here. No mention was made of the other 1,273 jobs that left for Mexico. Or the $7 million from Indiana, on top of the $28 million the Vice President-elect paid as Governor to keep jobs in Indiana. It’s a scam: the manufacturers graciously keep part of one factory running, while they close others. There’s no commitment from Carrier to keep even those 730 jobs in the U.S. longer than the television lights are on. “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.”

But if the Carrier show was a con, the sucker punch was choosing Andrew Pudzer as Secretary of Labor. Pudzer is a second tier fast food CEO, a titan of the minimum wage industry. As you’d expect, he has a long record of opposing any increase in the minimum wage or overtime because, you know, profits. Pudzer also opposes the Affordable Care Act because, he says, the high premiums are cutting into the restaurant business. In the mind of the nominee for Secretary of Labor, it’s wrong for folks to pay for health insurance because, you know, profits.

And those poor fools who voted for Trump think they won.