The Yardbirds

Some random photos of yardbirds,[^1] photographed in WC’s backyard in the north end of Boise the last few weeks.

Northern Flicker noshing on Virginia Creeper berries

Northern Flicker noshing on Virginia Creeper berries

Northern Flickers occur in interior Alaska in summer but, unlike their woodpecker cousins, Flickers migrate outh for the winter. Apparently to southwest Boise. The absence of red means this is a female.

By far the most common yardbird here is the Dark-eyed Junco. In fact, there are three subspecies. The most common is probably the Oregon Junco.

Light morph Oregon Junco

Light morph Oregon Junco

We also get “Pink-sided” and “Slate-colored” and someday WC will have good enough photos of the three variants to give you a comparison post.

Lesser Goldfinches and House Finch

Lesser Goldfinches and House Finch

This photo is from last year; we’ve replaced the tube feeder with a sock feeder for the Nyjer seed.  The top-most bird is a female Lesser Goldfinch; the bird on the middle left is a House Finch and the rest are male Lesser Goldfinches.

But the yardbird that is the most fun is this amazing little fellow.

Young male Anna's Hummingbird

Young male Anna’s Hummingbird

Wintering Anna’s Hummingbirds are a pretty new thing in Boise. And a pretty amazing sight: hummingbirds in a snowstorm, or in single-digit temperatures.

WC’s yardlist is up to 39 species already. In 20-plus years in Fairbanks, the list reached just 25 species, and only 13 in the winter months. Add that to the 9-plus hours of daylight at winter solstice, and you have some of the reasons WC moved to the Lower 48.


[^1]” Not to be confused with The Yardbirds, a 1960s rock band that was a kind of rite of passage for a series of highly successful guitarists: Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page.


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