Trump’s Cabinet: The Crooked Secretary of the Interior

Rep. Ryan Zinke (R, Montana). Photo: Bronte Wittpenn/The Billings Gazette/AP

Rep. Ryan Zinke (R, Montana). Photo: Bronte Wittpenn/The Billings Gazette/AP

WC has noted the unusual resumé requirements for a position in the Trump cabinet: it helps to be a billionaire, you should have highly marginal credentials, you need to be a scofflaw and that special kind of massive, arrogant ignorance that charactertizes the Trumpster himself.

Which takes us to The Donald’s candidate for Secretary of the Interior, Montana Republican Rep. Ryan Zinke, a retired Navy SEAL commander. The Trumpster praised Zinke’s military background. “As a former Navy SEAL, he has incredible leadership skills and an attitude of doing whatever it takes to win.”

Apparently, that includes whatever it takes to get home to Montana and work on your house. Including false claims for travel expenses. Multiple times. He got caught but somehow escaped any punishment beyond a chewing-out. Let’s be clear about this: he stole money from the Department of Defense under false pretenses, and did so multiple times. And skated.

In fact, 15 years later he was elected to the U.S. House from Montana, a position he has held since 2014.

In any other political season, this would be an embarrassing, career-ending behavior. For the Tump Administration, it’s apparently a job qualification. The Donald himself bribed the Florida Attorney General and skated. Well, technically, he violated federal law by causing a charitable organization, the Trump Foundation, to make a political contribution to a person who was “investigating” Tump U. A double crime.

See? It’s a job requirement for the Trump Administration. If you aren’t a billionaire, then you have to be a thief. WC supposes it’s also okay to be a billionaire and a thief. Like The Donald.

What have we come to?