2016 in Review: Politics

Would you buy a used car from this man?

Would you buy a used car from this man?

United States voters proved themselves incapable of distinguishing lies told about Secretary Clinton from facts about Donald Trump. They will live with the consequences.

WC has no idea how long it will take Republican voters to realize they have been conned. The white voters who think Donald Trump will help them get jobs in coal mines, steel mills and other heavy industries are going to be completely disappointed. The religious right who think that Donald Trump holds to and will support their Christianist values are going to discover he is an amoral criminal, a sociopath. Republicans who think that Donald Trump gives a damn about their party’s political platform are in for a rude shock.

No, WC is not sure that the American system of government can survive the shock of four years of an unscrupulous, utterly selfish and unbelievably think-skinned lout as Commander-in-Chief. It’s hard to imagine any representative government that could. If the transition is any indication, we are headed towards some kind of Central African kleptocracy. Remember that once there is corruption at the top, it is that much more difficult to root out corruption in the lower tiers of government. We already have a serious problem with corruption in the Department of Homeland Security; imagine how bad it will get when corruption is tolerated in the presidency.

Politics in 2016 gave us President Donald Trump. Politics in 2017 will involve funding a way to allow the republic to survive the events of 2016. WC wishes us all the best of luck because we are going to really, really need it.