2016 in Review: The Five Best Things About 2016

Cubs Win!

Cubs Win!

2016 was, as WC has said earlier, a kidney stone of a year. Too many deaths of folks important to WC, the triumph of Trumpsterism, the continuing slow-motions climate catastrophe; it’s truly been a dreadful year. After careful thought, WC has assembled a list of the five best things that happened in 2016 an a mild anodyne to the otherwise disastrous year.

  1. Cubs win World Series.
  2. Cubs win World Series.
  3. Cubs win World Series.
  4. Cubs win World Series.
  5. Cubs win World Series.

If you are a Cubs fan, it’s a near-nirvana. If you aren’t a Cubs’ fan, or even a Major League Baseball fan, it’s still a kind of proof that even the worst kind of losing streak, the longest series of disappointments, will end eventually.

Sure, Major League Baseball is a kids’ game played by millionaires for teams owned by billionaires. Yes, in the age of instant gratification, this is a slower game, where the arbitrary urgency of the clock has no important role. WC isn’t suggesting baseball is some kind of religious experience, although as Annie Savoy has pointed out, the fact that a baseball has 108 stitches and there are 108 beads on a Catholic rosary is a remarkable coincidence. But baseball is the promise of a green spring in the midst of a dark, snowy winter. It is the teasing promise of reward for patience – for a Cubs’ fan, extremely the patient.

But this isn’t about baseball, or at least mostly not about baseball; it’s about finding solace in a pretty terrible year. Perhaps your form of solace is different. As we end the Year of the Sneezing Panda, and prepare ourselves for the Year of the Backwards-facing Artichoke, WC will let baseball, with its essentially meaningless triumphs and failures, stand for both the despair at a year of tragedy and stupidity and the hope for better in the next year.

Truly awful, hateful, ignorant people have been emboldened to inflict physical, emotional and psychological violence on racial and cultural minorities. Many more people who otherwise shouldn’t will die on American soil in the next four years, from sickness, poverty and violence. The American presidency will be held by a man who is so insecure he tweets responses to perceived insults and slights.

So, yeah, WC’s Chicago Cubs and 2016.

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  1. Not a baseball fan, but I definitely understand why the Cubs’ victory could be the best thing of the year. My best thing was meeting and enjoying a number of people from groups that are no longer welcome in the US. I find it reassuring that there are wonderful people everywhere in the world, and even though they are not political leaders, they still make the world a better place, even if it’s only on a small scale. That gives me hope.

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