Watching The Donald Be “Presidential”: Episode XXIV

President Barack Obama has been roasted and pilloried for allowing the United Nations Security Council to adopt a resolution condemning Israel’s expansion of settlements on the West Bank. The resolution called on Israel to “immediately and completely cease all settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem.” The resolution passed 14-0.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the resolution “shameful.” Some right-wing members of Congress threatened in response to defund the United Nations.

Mind you, the United States didn’t vote to condemn Israel. No, the United States abstained from voting. So the resolution passed unanimously.

What Israel’s Prime Minister and right wingers wanted was for the U.S. to exercise its veto power; America’s right as a permanent member of the Security Council to veto any substantive resolution, as well as decide what constitutes a “substantive resolution.”

Even The Quitter herself, Sarah Palin, that mistress of ignorance, weighed in. Palin said. “I think many of us have called for America to really step up and consider what it is that we are funding and supporting via the UN, and how it works so hard really against U.S. interests, and just saying – look what the U.K. just did.” Of course, British voters decided to withdraw from the European Union, for mostly economic reasons, not the United Nations, but a minor distinction like that would be lost on Caribou Cathy.

But WC got to wondering whether former Republican presidents have ver criticized Israel’s expansionist policies. The answer is surprising.

President United Nations Resolutions Passed Condemning Israel
George W. Bush Allowed six similar resolutions to pass. This included, for example, a 2004 resolution calling on Israel to stop demolishing the homes of Palestinian civilians. Israel recently revived this internationally condemned practice, but under Obama it has not received a Security Council rebuke.
George H. W. Bush Allowed passage of nine resolutions critical of Israel. Unlike President Obama, the elder Bush not only allowed the resolutions to pass, but he also supported them. For example, Security Council Resolution 681, passed in 1990, criticized Israel for engaging in deportations of Palestinian civilians from the Occupied Territories and called on the Israeli government to respect international law.
Ronald Reagan The Reagan administration allowed twenty-one Security Council resolutions critical of Israeli government actions passed. This includes Resolution 573, which condemned an Israeli attack in Tunisia.

It isn’t as if the United States has abandoned Israel. As Secretary of State John Kerry pointed out, the Israelis still get more than half the United States’ total global Foreign Military Financing. And this past fall, the U.S. concluded an historic $38 billion memorandum of understanding with Israel that exceeds any military assistance package the United States has provided to any country, at any time in U.S. history.

But history, like facts, don’t matter to too many Congressman and certainly not to the president-elect, who, in violation of long-standing policies on foreign relations during a presidential transition – we only have one president at a time – tweeted out these two messages:

screen-shot-2017-01-01-at-10-55-27-am screen-shot-2017-01-01-at-10-55-50-am

The United Nations’ response to the Trumpster was probably the best.


So The Donald’s belligerent ignorance is displayed to the world yet, again. His ignorance of the importance of the U.N., his ignorance of history and his ignorance of Israel’s violations of international law.

And to the rest of the world, the Unites States looks like a bunch of idiots for electing him president. Thanks, Trump!

All this, and he’s not even sworn in yet.