WC Answers His Mail

WC received an expletive-filed email from a reader recently regarding former half-term Governor Sarah Palin. WC’s correspondent accused WC of “relentless hostility” to Sarah Palin.

It’s kind of a remarkable accusation because Wickersham’s Conscience has been an almost completely Palin-free zone for about four years now. Nor has WC always been actively hostile to the failed vice presidential candidate. Here’s a post from almost exactly eight years ago, in which WC offered advice to the then-Governor:

If I were your advisor – and I’m deeply grateful I’m not – I’d tell you that a low, business-like profile might be a good thing right now.

– Alaska is in a pretty bleak financial position, and it’s getting worse. Why not devote some of those highly touted skills to solving those crises? People in Alaska’s villages – your constituents – are being forced to choose between heating oil and food, and you’re blaming the media for being unfair to you?

– Your daughter’s mother-in-law – assuming those impulsive kids ever marry – is a junkie and indicted for felony drug sales.

– Trip? You let someone name a junkie’s grandchild “Trip”? What, if it had been a girl would you have named her “Crystal”?

– Lose the fake accent. We didn’t hear the “ya’lls” and “you betchas” before you met John McCain.

– Lose the Caroline Kennedy attacks. She wants to be a U.S. senator, a statewide office. Decided by folks in New York. You ran for Vice President, a nation-wide office. Decided by all the voters in the country. Think it through.

– Lose the per diem for staying at home. Even if it’s legal – and allow me to reserve doubts on that – it’s unethical. And being ethical, or better still just doing the right thing, was your gubernatorial platform. Taking per diem for living at home is sleazy and petty.

– The state capitol is in Juneau, not Wasilla. Spend some more time there.

– And stay away from turkeys.

I could go on but I suspect that if I ever had your attention, I’ve lost it my now. I nicknamed you “Governor Lipstick” immediately after you were elected. Not because of any pitbull metaphor (a joke you stole, by the way), but because it described the apparent depth of your grasp of the issues facing Alaska. You haven’t anything to change my mind.

Oh yeah, I’m an Alaskan, a registered Independent, and badly embarrassed by your antics. The same way I’m embarrassed by Mike Gravel. The best thing to do just now is your job. Govern.

See? Helpful advice, offered in a stern voice. And this was after her disastrous turn as a national candidate. Ms. Palin chose to quit rather than follow WC’s perfectly reasonable suggestions. Her loss; the nation’s gain.

WC looks forward to writing the same kind of helpful suggestions to the Trumpster.

And Wickersham’s Conscience now returns to a Plain-free zone.