An Easy Path to Disaster

The Donald Acting Out (David Becker/Getty Images)

The Donald Acting Out (David Becker/Getty Images)

Whatever else you may have to say about Donald Trump, he’s easily the thinnest-skinned American president, ever. He makes Dick Nixon’s enemies list look almost reasonable. He’s so easily offended that he is still arguing that he won the popular vote in the presidential election.

President Trumpster is also the first American president who owns or has financial interests in properties all over the world. He has real estate holdings in Istanbul, Turkey; Panama City, Panama; Seoul, Korea; Tortonto and Vancouver, Canada; Makati, Phillipines; Mumbai and Pune, India; and Punta del Estate, Uruguay, to mention just a few. He has international golf courses, and the Trumpster licenses his name to still more businesses all over the word.

Terrorists have a whole new target list. President Trumpster has gone out of his way to announce how tough he is going to be on terrorists, and there is a draft Executive Order circulating that would authorize torture and detention of suspects at Guantanamo. President Trumpster has enthusiastically embraced Israel’s construction of housing in Palestinian territory, and wants the U.S. Embassy moved to Jerusalem. WC thinks it is just a matter of time before terrorists begin to connect the dots.

Countries like Turkey are unsuccessful at protecting their police stations and army posts from terrorists. The idea that law enforcement can protect Trump Towers, Istanbul is laughable. WC thinks an attack on one of the President’s international properties is inevitable.

So what will our unbelievably thin-skinned President do when a terrorist has the temerity to bomb or otherwise terrorize one of his properties? What will happen when heavily armed terrorists take hostages at Trump Tower Pune?

We know what will happen. Our President has the emotional self-control of a spoiled three-year old. The terrorists will get exactly the reaction they want: poorly restrained – completely unrestrained – over-reaction.

WC holds no brief for terrorists or terrorism, but if we have learned anything since 9/11 it’s that they aren’t stupid. Suicidal, amoral, monomaniacal and unscrupulous, yes; but not stupid. They’ve got this figured out already. Terrorist attacks on 9/11 got the United States into two land wars in Asia and seriously worsened the political instability in a volatile part of the world.

What do you think President Trump will do when his precious investments are targeted? “Going nuclear” may not be a metaphor.

And Americans? WC doesn’t think an attempt at martial law in the United States would be beyond the President’s demands.

It’s yet another bad consequence of what’s shaping up to be a disastrous presidency. Because, as you read this, the President is focused on those imaginary 3-5 million illegal votes, in an election he won, rather than the foreseeable consequences of his election.

It’s tempting to ape The Donald can call it “Sad.” But that would be an insult to the lives, liberties and common decency that are going to be lost.


[Note: This essay was written before David James posted his similar essay on Facebook. WC was going to scrub this blog post as a result. But at James’ urging, WC has gone ahead and posted.]