Greater Roadrunner, Tuba, Arizona

The Quintessential Bird to Chase

A distinctive bird of the American southwest, after vultures probably the most distinctive, largely thanks to those silly Looney Tunes Roadrunner-Coyote cartoons. But the Greater Roadrunner is a lot more comical than the cartoon one, although it’s rarely chased by coyotes. Roadrunners can raise and lower their crests, and frequently raise and lower their tails, sometimes…

Yellow-eyed Junco, Florida Wash, Southeast Arizona

No, Really, Chasing Birds

The Yellow-eyed Junco is a Southeastern Arizona specialty, not commonly found anywhere else in the United States. It’s pretty easy to pick it out among its Dark-eyed cousins. They are common throughout mountainous regions of,Mexico, under the arc but and rules of birding, species seen in Mexico don’t “count” as North American species. Another Southeastern…

Four Views of a Capuchin

White-faced Capuchin are a New World monkey, a member of the family Cebidae, they are fairly common through Central America and South America. This animal was photographed in Amazonian Peru. Highly intelligent, tool-using and long-lived, it has a long prehensile tail, usually carried coiled. Here are four views of a Capuchin.

Shoshone Falls, Idaho, Vertical Composition

Notes on Shoshone Falls

The Snake River is dammed within an inch of its life. It’s polluted by agricultural runoff. Diverted for irrigation. There are at least 15 dams along its length, most of them in Idaho. But once in a while it can still bust loose and show some serious water. And when it does, there’s no better…

"That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain." Hamlet, Act I, scene 5

The Lies of Donald Trump: Trying to Keep Up

WC has always thought the aphorisms like, “A lie can run around the world before the truth can pull its pants on,” were stupid. You know, the truth and all that. WC’s vocations, law and justice, to a considerable (but admittedly imperfect) extent, is the pursuit of truth. WC’s avocations, science and nature photography, also…