Joe’s Off His Meds. Again.


Joe “Bad Penny” Miller, multiply-failed senatorial candidate and right wing meringue, seems to have gone off his medications again. At least that’s the most plausible reason WC has for his latest “alternative facts” post.

Miller’s currently reduced to a blog site, and he recently posted this gem: “RED ALERT: Fascist Google Begins PURGE of Pro-Trump Websites as Prelude to Massive False Flag or Coup Attempt.”

Whoa! “Facist,” “Purge” and “Coup” in one headline!

The claim of the blog post is that Natural News, an anti-vax, anti-science and wacko conspiracy site has been “purged from Google.” Why?

The answer is obvious. Something big is about to be initiated against Trump, and the largest pro-Trump voices are being systematically silenced, one by one, to make sure no independent media can counter the official narrative that will be pushed by the fake news media (CNN, WashPo, NYT, etc.)

This is fascism on display as corporations are now carrying out the bidding of the deep state that’s planning to cause mass mayhem or death in order to remove Trump from power before he can go public with the truth about the pedophilia links to prominent D.C. politicians.

We live in a pretty strange world if Google’s failure to index a conspiracy site is an indication of an imminent coup by faceless corporate bureaucrats. Of course, we do live in a pretty strange world, as the Trump presidency reminds us each day, so let’s parse these claims.

Rather than use a dubious third party tool to determine if Natural News has “been purged from Google,” let’s do something a little more sensible. WC typed

into the Google dialog box and see what happened.


Doesn’t look purged to WC. Looks like Google is indexing Natural News just fine. No, instead it looks like old Bad Penny Miller posted a big fat fib alternative fact. Not for the first time. Or, likely, the last.

Truth is not optional. Responsibility is not optional. In the best case, Bad Penny failed to do even minimal due diligence before mindlessly re-posting a lie. In the worst case he knows it’s a lie but it serves it his purposes to promote another bizarre conspiracy.

More evidence, if we needed it, that there is absolutely no reason to take this man seriously.