Young No More

The Alaska Dispatch News reports that Congressman Don Young (R, Senility) has announced he is running for another term. Young said, in a video from his office, “I like what I do. I’m good at what I do. I’m right for Alaska.”

Of the the sentences, only the second is testable. Let’s look at a specific instance.

One of Congressman Young’s constituents wrote a letter to Rep. Young. Now the constituent is admittedly a reader of Wickersham’s Conscience, so it’s likely that Rep. Young, if he saw the letter, would have been offended. But here is his letter in response.

So the claim that he’s good at what he does is a fail.

Now we all know that staffers, not the Congressman himself, responds to constituent letters. Rep. Young is far too important to be bothered with the opinions, questions and concerns of Alaskans. It might interfere with campaign fundraising. Or wake him from his afternoon nap. But WC’s grandmother told WC that you can judge people by the sort of persons they surround themselves with. It’s no surprise that Alaska’s incompetent embarrassment of a Congressman has embarrassingly incompetent staffers.

Young’s corrupt. He froths with hate for LGBTs. He’s largely ineffective, a serious problem since he is Alaska’s only Representative. He holds no committee chair positions, despite his seniority, a severe condemnation by his fellow Republicans. To paraphrase Mark Twain, a wooden cigar store Indian would be more competent, if only because it wouldn’t offend its voters.

Why, in the name of democracy, anyone would vote for this evil, hateful clown has to start by explaining this letter.


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  1. He wins every time hands down because no one of any sense will run against him. The only one that has been close in recent memory was Forest Dunbar and he has settled for the Anchorage City Assembly. To beat Don Young would take a lot of campaign money and a lot of time campaigning. Hey WC, you’re retired. you got the time 😉

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