Brewer’s Blackbird Dating Tips

Ah, Spring! when a male Brewer’s Blackbird’s thought turn to romance. But how to get the lady’s attention?

Meet Bryant, a male Brewer's Blackbird

Meet Bryant, a male Brewer’s Blackbird

Bryant, a skilled Brewer’s Blackbird courtship specialist, offers the following tips.

As the female starts to approach, position yourself so your greenish sheen is shown off to best advantage, and then flare your tail.

As she gets closer, flare your tail some more, cup your wings and hunch your shoulders to raise your scapular feathers around your head.

And now give her that mating call, that “t-zherr” buzzy sound. The ladies really dig that.

Repeat as necessary. Maybe even a few times when it isn’t necessary.

It must work. There are lots and lots of Brewer’s Blackbirds.