Decoding Trump’s “Climate Policy”

“Look, Mama, look! Our boy is the only one marching in step!”

More than 97% of scientists are wrong.

All of the other countries in the world – except Syria and Nicaragua – are wrong.

Glaciers are not melting. Oceans levels and temperatures are not rising. CO2 levels are not increasing. Ocean acidification is a myth.


President Trump announced the United States would withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord because climate change is a myth and the Accord is unfair to the United States.


The Accord set voluntary goals for the 200 or so countries who joined it. Aspirational goals. The U.S. can unilaterally change its self-imposed aspirational goals at any time. And that’s unfair to the U.S.?

You don’t have to be a logician to see that’s nonsense.

So why did Trump cause the United States to back out of an agreement that is the last best chance to save the planet? The excuses he offered are a bizarre mix of science denial and bizarre, illogical non-sequiturs. What’s really going on?

WC suggests it’s a mix of factors, none of them related to the reality of climate change:

  1. The President is unwilling or constitutionally incapable of studying and grasping complex issues. That makes him susceptible to those who can get and hold his attention, including the agents of chaos around him. People like Steve Bannon aren’t interested in identifying and addressing problems; they simply want to tear things down. Trump listens to them.
  2. A significant part of political lobbyists still are playing the climate change denial song on their political campaign contribution banjos. Money talks, whatever the U.S. Supreme Court may think.
  3. The folks who hired those lobbyists also mounted a disinformation campaign, attacking the reality of climate change. We know it was a cynical, short-term, profit-driven ploy. ExxonMobil, for example, was among the first to document anthropogenic climate change, yet paid millions of dollars in lobbying and disinformation campaigns, because it preserved Exxon’s short-term profits.
  4. There is still a strong subset of Americans, emphatically including Trump supporters, who bought the disinformation that’s been peddled.  If Trump wants to preserve his base, he needs to cuddle up to their issues, even if those issues are stupidly nonsensical.
  5. The President loves the spotlight, and there is more spotlight with taking the U.S. out of the Paris Accord then in staying in. Sure, that’s extremely cynical, but if you’ve watched President Trump for any time you’ve seen the behavior.

These are incredibly stupid reasons to jeopardize humanity’s future on the planet. WC suggests the best solution to dealing with this level of stupidity, at least until we can thrown the idiots out, is to carry on as if this egocentric ass hadn’t acted.


One thought on “Decoding Trump’s “Climate Policy”

  1. WC
    Don’t discount the race factor. A significant part of Trump’s motivation is to dismantle what he regards as Pres. Obama’s achievements. The Paris Accord is regarded as one of Obama’s signal achievements, and it is therefore a huge target to Trump personally, and to those advisors who share his bigotry. The impetus is very much part and parcel of his racist Birtherism pursuit, his false and racist insistence that Obama did not achieve academically at Columbia Univ or Harvard Law School despite the record that disproves that notion. Trump and his followers are united in their racist antipathy for Pres. Obama, and that cannot ever be overlooked in what motivates him now.
    Paul Eaglin

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