“Poor impulse control”

In a strange, sick way, one of the fascinating aspects of President Trump is how his poor impulse control has repeatedly sabotaged his presidency.

Trump has already had two courts of appeals use his anti-Muslim rhetoric to strike down his two Muslim travel bans. When your argument to the court is that the bans are not unconstitutionally based on a religion, it’s awkward that the President has repeatedly called for a complete ban on Muslims entering the country. So what did he do Sunday night? More tweets where he called his revised travel ban “watered down” and “politically correct,” further undermining his legal defense that the ban doesn’t discriminate against Muslims.

His tweets that evening included this gem: “We need to be smart, vigilant and tough. We need the courts to give us back our rights. We need the Travel Ban as an extra level of safety!” No expression of concern for the dead and injured and their families. Nothing about that amazing bravery of the British police who rushed into a deadly situation. Nothing about solidarity with the British people and the British government. Instead, we got a blatant, pitiful and self-destructive attempt to score political capital out of an unfolding tragedy.

Then there’s his his out-of-context attack on London’s mayor after the terrorist attack on the city Saturday night. Trump talks about presenting a unified front against terrorism, yet does this:

Seriously, how does misquoting an ally help anyone? Of course, London’s Mayor is a Muslim, Sadiq Khan, so maybe the Trumpster is simply blinded by his prejudice.

Then there’s Trumps NATO speech, which omitted any reaffirmation of America’s commitment to mutual defense of the alliance’s members, a one-for-all, all-for-one provision. It turns out that Trump’s speech, as written, and as understood, by Trump’s own national security advisors, included such a reaffirmation. Trump seems to have made the snap decision to omit that promise. That impulsive decision has seriously damaged relations with our strongest allies.

The nature of impulse control disorders is that they are self-destructive. Tump’s poor impulse control continues to damage him. Unfortunately, in the process he is damaging our country and the world.



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  1. WC
    It reached the point of true danger today. This impulsive fool has tweeted his way into the midst of the fight between Gulf allies of ours, agreeing by tweet with the half dozen or so Saudi-led countries (all of them allies of ours) that have severed ties to Qatar, also our ally. Not only that: Qatar is the location of one of our major combatant commands where we have thousands of our military. And Trump has sided with those countries who allege that Qatar is fostering terrorism and siding with Iran. Meanwhile, in the midst of his misguided tweeting, our own emissary to Qatar is publicly asserting that this country’s position is that Qatar is our ally, hosts a combatant command, and has been diligent in anti-terrorism activities (as evidenced by hosting our huge military complex and military Hqtrs).
    So Trump is tweeting us into a hellhole of recrimination among our allies that could pose significant danger for our military. And we should always be mindful that it is not Qatar, but Saudi Arabia, that is the home of the bin Laden clan including Osama bin Laden as well as almost all of the 9-11 attackers.
    This fool is so intent on his egomaniacal assertion that he was “successful” in Saudi Arabia during his visit that he seizes on this split among our allies as some evidence that he succeeded in getting the Arabs to root out terrorism in their midst by severing ties with Qatar, turning upon an ally of ours.
    It is mind boggling how dangerous this situation is becoming with this guy and his tweeting. Satisfying his Ego is far more important than serving the interests of this country, or acting in a leadership role in the world or amongst our feuding allies. But there is no thought on his part of trying to mend relations among these allies of ours. Alliances are meant for severing, it seems with this guy, as witness his foolhardy conduct toward NATO.

    Paul Eaglin

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