Exactly the Opposite

MAGA? Not on the Evidence.

MAGA? Not on the Evidence.

“Make America Great Again”? WC wonders if it isn’t exactly the opposite. If Trump doesn’t have a checklist of everything that made America great, and then set out to destroy everything on that list, it’s not for lack of trying. The idea isn’t new to WC; Gary Kasparov, among others, has suggested the same thing.  And it may we’ll be that the recently departed, unlamented Steve Bannon is responsible..

The separation of powers among the three branches of government. The rule of law. A free press. Free trade. Equality. To name just a few.

All of them cornerstones of American values. All of them under relentless attack by our president. Criticism of the judicial branch when it does its job. Criticizing Congress – criticizing his own political party – when a vote goes against him.

Encouraging cops to break the law. Pardoning scofflaws like Arpaio. Telling his followers at rallies to throw dissenters out. Equating neo-nazis and those protesting against them.

And blaming everything – everything – on the “dishonest media.”

He has attacked the bully pulpit for everything that made it the bully pulpit. He continues his unrelenting attacks on everything that has made America great. We are a nation of immigrants; unless you are a full blood Amerind, you are an immigrant or a child of immigrants. And yet Trump attacks immigrants, even those here legally and those here innocently.

Equality? He has encouraged his racist Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, to essentially abandon civil rights enforcement. He insists upon maximum charges and maximum sentences for drug offenders, a burden that everyone knows falls disproportionately on people of color.

Make America racist again, or more racist still? Sure. Make America subject to personal loyalty, rather than a nation of laws? Sure. Destroy the Constitution? Seems like.

Make America great? No. Exactly the opposite.