The Trumpster Plays Quitsies

Are marbles still a thing? The game of marbles?

WC was a pretty good marbles player in grade school. In junior high, it was no longer cool, but in elementary school WC collected a lot of other kids’ marbles. Maybe it was being left-handed. WC’s reputation got so high that kids would only play either with no keepsies or quitsies.


Oh, okay. “Keepsies” meant you were playing to keep the other players’ marbles if you captured them. As in, “Lose all your marbles.” No keepsies meant you got them back, even if you lost. Quitsies meant that your opponent(s) could quit any time they wanted, usually just as you were about to win. Kids who played no keepsies were all right. Most likely they they couldn’t afford to buy more marbles, or they really liked a shooter they were using in the game. But kids who played quitsies were afraid losing, even if losing cost them nothing but a little bit of pride. Quitsies were wimps. Kids who played quitsies didn’t have friends and were sore losers. If they didn’t get their way they cried and went home.

Donald Trump plays governing as a quitsie.

It’s bad enough that President Trump is engaged in a twitter fight with professional athletes at a time when Americans in Puerto Rico are in serious crisis. It’s bad enough that he has us at the precipice of war with North Korea. Seriously, his priorities allow him to spend time criticizing NFL and  NBA stars for exercising their First Amendment rights? He thinks professional football isn’t violent enough, and that the absence of enough violence is more important than, say, governing the country?

The President doesn’t just deny the obvious racism in America today. He attacks those who try to protest it. And when the protestors call him out, he plays quitsies.

Remember when the president tried to pre-empt the serial resignations of members of his business advisory councils? When the resignations prompted by his racist comments on the Charlottesville demonstrations started picking up, he abruptly announced that he was disbanding those business advisory councils. He picked up his marbles and went home. He played quitsies.

There is a long tradition of professional athlete championship teams being invited to the White House. When Steph Curry, point guard for the Golden State Warriors and a remarkably decent human being, announced he wouldn’t be visiting the White House, the President announced he was “disinviting” the Warriors. Donald Trump played quitsies. Again.

Behavior that is unacceptable in a fifth grader is embarrassing in an adult, mortifying in a U.S. leader and horribly dangerous in a sitting president. If the President of the United Stars can be rickrolled by a foreign government into playing quitsies when his feelings are hurt, Bog help us all.



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