Book ‘Em, Danno

James MacArthur (1968), in the role of Lt. Danny "Danno" Williams

James MacArthur (1968), in the role of Lt. Danny “Danno” Williams

As Shannyn Moore has noted, the stupid is strong out there. The fact that we say “President Trump” is pretty strong proof that Moore is right. Where Moore and WC diverge is she thinks education can cure stupid.

Another acquaintance of WC’s used to say, “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them swim on their back.” And that’s the problem. Those same folks who claim President Obama played golf during the Katrina hurricane disaster? You can’t change those folks’ minds with a crow bar. You can get them to reconsider something no matter what the actual facts may be.

Part of it is ignorance. The typical college graduate or someone with an advanced degree reads an average of 17 books in the previous year, compared with nine for high school grads and three for those who did not graduate from high school. Just three books. WC reads more than three books a week.

Part of it is the lamentable consequences of the Dunning-Kruger Effect. Remember, if you are dumb enough, you aren’t capable of recognizing how dumb you are.

Part of it is simple cognitive dissonance. If you bought a lemon, you tend to avoid, ignore or deny the facts that show you bought a lemon. 63 million Americans bought a lemon in Donald Trump. They are suffering from major cognitive dissonance now.


The result is 63 million Americans who voted while under the influence of Russian propaganda. 63 million Americans who made a major mistake but are incapable of recognizing, let alone admitting they made a mistake. Education isn’t going to help those poor sots. They are incapable of being educated.

Voting under the influence of criminal stupidity.

Book ’em, Danno.


2 thoughts on “Book ‘Em, Danno

  1. As with many – I condemn not all – elites, I yearn for a geniocracy. In the abstract, of course – not the reality. My “genio-s” would be another’s “woolly-headed meddlers”.

    Plowing on where others sit by the fire awaiting the storm’s passing:

    A point system could have merit: an adult who finishes a high school equivalency exam can have 1 vote.

    Actually finishing high school – 2 votes

    Some college (etc.) – 3 votes

    B.A. and equivalent – 4

    MA, etc – 5

    PhD, etc. – 6

    LLB/JD – 0, naturally

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