Scariest Hallowe’en Ever!

One Year of President Trump

One Year of President Trump

WC wore a Dick Nixon mask to a Hallowe’en costume party at Roger Brunner and Niesje Steinkruger’s house.1 Nixon was history; the nightmare of President Nixon and Watergate was behind us. We knew how the nightmare ended. We could laugh about it, mock it.

We don’t know how the much more frightening Trump nightmare is going to end. Indeed, we don’t know that it will end.

Decent members of the Republican Party are leaving. In the words of Senator Jeff Flake (R, Arizona), they don’t want to be complicit.

Corruption is becoming more and more common and explicit. A two-person business in Whitefish, Montana got a $300 million contract to repair electric utilities in Puerto Rico. The only obvious “qualification” is a personal friendship with Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke and a $25,000 contribution to the Trump campaign.

A public relations hack for the chemical industry was appointed as the head of the toxic chemicals unit of the Environmental Protection Agency, and promptly pushed back monitoring and regulation of ten known carcinogens.

The EPA forced three of its scientists to back out of attending and speaking at the State of the Narragansett Bay and Watershed program in Providence, Rhode Island. The conference was to deal with the climate change and the Trump Administration, ofc ourse, thinks climate change is a hoax.2

The Trump State Department, the United States’ face to the rest of the world, and a primary buffer against events that lead to armed conflict, is effectively unstaffed. Dozens of ambassadorships and most regional secretaries of state are vacant. Trump himself apparently scorned his Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson.

Our President apparently governs via Twitter.

Terrified yet? No? Then consider this: we’re less than a year into a four year administration, and chaos, more than anything else, governs the United States.

Which is why WC thinks this is the most terrifying Hallowe’en ever.


  1. That would be the party at which the future Judge Dick Savell, costumed as John Belushi’s Samurai drunkenly stabbed at apples in the apple bob with a very real, very sharp katana — a samurai sword. He didn’t stab any apples but he did punch a number of holes in the bottom of the metal tub and carpeted floor, draining a couple dozen gallons of water into the living room and basement below. Ah, youth. 
  2. Ironically, the Government Accountability Office issued a report October 24, concluding that climate change was already costing the United States tens of billions of dollars a year, and strongly recommending action to stop the financial bleeding. Irony is wasted on the Trump Administration.