So What Did You Get for Selling Out, Lisa?

Senator Lisa Murkowski, Climate Change Denier (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Senator Lisa Murkowski, Climate Change Denier (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

There was a Doonesbury cartoon decades ago, when George H.W. Bush agreed to be Ronald Reagan’s vice-presidential candidate. Throughout the Republican primaries, Bush and Reagan had disagreed on pretty much every issue. Garry Trudeau, in Doonesbury, mocked Bush, putting him in a faux interview:

Interviewer: Tell me Governor, how long does it take you to give up every principle you’ve ever held?
Bush: At least three days. The paperwork alone is incredible.

Lisa Murkowski famously voted against repeal of Obamacare. She sensibly recognized that it would simply result in far too many Americans losing health insurance. She got a lot of praise for her decision.

Now she has announced she supports removing the mandate from the Affordable Care Act. Of course, if those who are healthy bail on health insurance, the cost per insured will go up, with only the sick and those at immediate risk still enrolled. As the premiums are driven up by the consequences, millions of Americans will lose health insurance. Senator Murkowski knows this. She’s flip-flopped onthe issue that got her praise.

Why? What made her sell out?

Is it the tax cuts for the rich in the tax bill of which the health care mandate repeal is a part? Did her corporate donors pull herleash? In the words of Senator Elizabeth Warren (D, Mass.), are her “ears stuffed with money”?

Or is there a side deal for drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge?

How long did it take you to do the paperwork to betray what you had stood for?