The 9th Anniversary of Wickersham’s Conscience

Today is the ninth anniversary of the first blog post on Wickersham’s Conscience. That first post, aptly enough, was on bird photography.

According to the statistics provided by the folks at WordPress, there have been 3,148 blog posts, just under a million views and just under a thousand comments. More than ten thousand images, more than half of them birds.

The most popular post remains the guide to trolls, followed by an essay on why convicted felons shouldn’t have firearms. The latter’s popularity is reflected in Google search results. Third place goes to WC’s review of Lilly Tomlin‘s May 2012 Fairbanks show.

The blog post linked to most often is WC’s essay on Palin, Teabaggers and the Dunning-Kruger Effect. WC has been told by a couple of political science types it was one of the first published pieces linking politics and the psychological principles reflected in Dunning and Kruger’s work. In a lot of ways, it forecast the arrival Donald Trump. Sorry.

Thanks to the guest bloggers, to all the folks who let me use their photos and art and to all the folks who troubled to send email with ideas, criticisms and corrections.

But the number WC keeps coming back to are those 993,900 views. That’s you, the readers. That’s the folks reading this post. Thanks.


3 thoughts on “The 9th Anniversary of Wickersham’s Conscience

  1. Thank you for your blog, although I am not a birder, I enjoy your photos and shared knowledge. The main reason I come here is I appreciate your views on our political scene. Thanks again, and don’t stop now!


  2. Read you every day. I, too, lived in Fairbanks and a bunch of other places in Alaska. Can’t go back but you keep me attached every day.


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