When Your Ears Are Stuffed with Money

Senator Elizabeth Warren

Senator Elizabeth Warren

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D, Mass.), in an interview with Jake Tapper, described the Republicans in Congress as being unable to hear their constituents because their “ears were stuffed with money.”

Money from lobbyists. Money from rich campaign donors. Money from political action committees. With their ears stuffed with money, tax cuts for the rich might seem like a good idea. Funding the tax cuts with reductions in Medicare and the end of middle class tax exemptions might seem unobjectionable.

It’s more complicated than that, of course. Too often, the issues are framed by Republicans in distorted, even nonsensical ways. But even those deceptions and distortions could not be circulated without gobs and gobs of money.

Even the unwillingness to address the problems created by all that money is a product of all that money.

Citizens United didn’t create the problem, but it has exacerbated it. WC mentions all this because Senator Lisa Murkowski (R, Big Oil) has her ears stuffed with money. She allowed herself to be bribed into supporting the Republicans’ disastrous tax plan, even though it rapes the middle class, and guts the Affordable Care Act she voted to preserve just a few weeks ago. In the state that is being most critically affected by anthropogenic climate change she enabled more fossil fuel consumption and knifed the largest, intact ecosystem left in North America.

Because her ears are stuffed with money. $759,000 from the oil and gas industry; $528,000 from the fossil fuel-burning utility industry. More than 97% of her money comes from large individual contributions and PAC contributions; only 1.76% from individuals. Lisa Murkowski’s ears are stuffed with money.


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  1. And she’s not due for reelection until 2022, so she’s not concerned about that right now. She is definitely turning into her father’s daughter.

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