A Trump Lexicon — Updated

The Donald Acting Out (David Becker/Getty Images)

The Donald Acting Out (David Becker/Getty Images)

Our President uses language in strange and unusual ways. Notably, he often uses the same words or phrases in numerous different Twitter messages. As a service to readers, WC offers the following Trump Lexicon, offering definition of those word and phrases as an aid to understanding what the President is really saying.


Word or Phrase Definition
Fake News Credible, authoritative reporting of facts that President Trump doesn’t like, or doesn’t want reported, or both. More generally, factual news.
Sad Nominal expression of fake empathy, usually stated after an ad hominem fallacy or an insult aimed at someone the President dislikes. Invites the reader to agree with the President’s attack. An insult.
He is a good guy He is a bad guy, who will do what the President wants, even if it is illegal, and keep quiet about it. Mike Flynn. At least keep quiet until the guy cops a plea. Again, Mike Flynn.
Drain the swamp Appoint cronies, favored billionaire buddies and alt-right loonies to positions of power; give major donors powerful positions; i.e., deepen the swamp.
Loser Someone who the President does not like, usually because they have spoken truth to power; the opposite of “winner,” which means Donald Trump.
Honestly I’m lying.
Smart Dumber than a box of rocks. As in Mr. Trump claiming, “I’m, like, a really smart person.”
Huge Not very big at all. As in, “The crowds at my inauguration were huge.” Also a very good book by Garry Trudeau.
Believe me The preceding statement is wholly unsupported by evidence, reason, or fact, as in “I was always against going into Iraq, believe me.”
The best people Continuous turnover in staff and senior positions; four indictments; two pleas to felonies. In the first year of the Trump Administration.


This lexicon is a work in progress. There will be updates.

WC is no fan of George Will (unless Will is writing about baseball). His skill at hiding unspoken assumptions behind clever phrasing is among the many afflictions of the remains of the Republican Party. But Will nailed it with a simple phrase that pretty accurately describes our Commander in Chief: “Unleavened by intellect; untethered by principle.” As this lexicon demonstrates.

UPDATED: December 16, to add “Honestly” and “The best people.”
UPDATED: December 18, to add “Believe me”


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  1. WC

    Be sure to treat “Believe me!” in your next Trump lexicon. The con man’s phony assurance.

    Paul Eaglin

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