Eamus Catuli for 2017

Hey Ernie, Let’s play two. Two baseball posts in one day, that is. Besides, this is too cute not to pass along.

Eamus Catuli is is very bad Latin for “Let’s Go Cubs.”  Well, more like “We go for the young whelps,” but the Romans had only limited contact with American baseball. The Lakeview Baseball Club maintains the counter, on a building across the street from Wrigley Field.

After the World Series win in 2016, the Cubbies zeroed the counter. But it’s now been more than a year since the Cubs won the National League Pennant and the World Series. So the Eamus Catuli counter goes to


It’s entirely appropriate that the Grinch is carrying the sign.

© 2017 Mike Bojanowski, Bleed Cubbie Blue

© 2017 Mike Bojanowski, Bleed Cubbie Blue